1959 The 3 Stooges Candy & Toy Box

1959 The 3 Stooges Candy & Toy Box

Very scarce photo-box product featuring the 3 Stooges. Although marketed in 1959 the black and white photographs were taken 20 years earlier. Interestingly the product was licensed by Norman Maurer Prod. Inc. which is noted on the side of the box. Mr. Maurer was Moe's son-in-law. He was also responsible for directing their 1950's full length motion pictures.

One main box panel shows portraits of the 3 comedians on helium filled balloons. If you look closely you can see the sharp and sometimes blank edges around the character's face. Just a guess, but the first design for this box was most likely made from a hand cut publicity photo glued to the printed balloons.

Back box panel includes an extremely weird, color by number drawing of Larry sitting in front of a make-up mirror combing his hair out. The corresponding colors are noted below the graphic. 

The top endflap has the 3 Stooges logo along with "candy and toy". It also includes a statement that has long since gone the way of the dinosaur, " Privilege to examine before purchase". The bottom endflap offers a Stooge mail-in premium punching balloons. To get the balloons you had to mail 25¢ plus this bottom box flap. Besides the limited number of these originally produced many were discarded once the flap was torn off. Of those few that did remain many are missing this flap.

This sale was for the empty box only.

Size: 3¾" x 2½" x ¾".

Sold: Aug. 2005

Price Sold: $ 154


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