1931 Marx, Coo Coo Car in Original Box

1931 Marx, Coo Coo Car in Original Box

Unprecedented example of one the earliest tin litho mechanical "eccentric" cars produced by Louis Marx. Brilliant near mint condition, all original without any repairs. In addition to being the highest grade example of this toy I've seen in 10 years, it comes complete with its magnificent,  original rare box in excellent condition. Except for photo's it's the first box I've seen in any condition!

This wonderful toy is fresh to the market having resided in a private collection for many years. It works beautifully!

Marx incorporated several ground breaking features into this toy. Most importantly, it was the first mechanical wind-up toy whose driver had movable legs. The movable steering column (which was also new) enabled the driver to stand up and sit down. All previous "eccentric" cars had stationary drivers. It was the first Marx vehicle with a horizontally divided windshield. It was the first to have the Marx logo embossed into the radiator. Previously they had all be lithoed. It was also the first to have a small round gas tank, rather than a square trunk.  

It's "eccentric" actions include moving forward, backwards, circling, or curly cues. As it moves randomly in any direction the driver occasionally stands up and falls back into his seat. This raises the front wheels off the ground causing the vehicle to pivot on its flat "J-hook" metal rod underneath the gas tank. That's not a hitch. 

Another popular misnomer has to do with the driver. Although very suggestively dressed he's not a butler. On the contrary, he just read something in the newspaper which worked him up to a state of craziness (i.e., coo coo) . In fact, it affected him so much that he went out still wearing his smoking jacket, striped pajama (bottoms), and a pair of spats (i.e., formal shoeware).  His newspaper is still neatly folded into his jacket's left pocket. This explains the eccentricity behind this "eccentric" car.

The box illustration is equally distinctive. It shows the Coo Coo Car reared up on end. The driver stares in amazement as the road morphs into a gigantic cuckoo bird! The artist took the scene one step further on the side panels. Now the driver is totally "out to lunch". His jaw dropped, eyeballs bulged, and the rest of his collar let loose when he sees a full, strutting cuckoo bird. The endflaps are colored text. Part of the original price sticker remains. 

Size: 8" x 7" x 3". 

Sold: Jun. 2005

Price Sold: $ 1385


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