1955 Nomura, Sports Car (Ford Thunderbird) in Original Box

1955 Nomura, Sports Car (Ford Thunderbird) in Original Box

This gorgeous tin litho 2-door hardtop (Ford Thunderbird) Sports Car by Nomura has the distinction of being the first and only example I've seen with an absolutely perfect transparent green plastic roof. Not a single crack, scuff, scratch,  wear, or anything else on it. And complimenting the condition of the roof is the condition of the entire car; near mint+ to mint and complete with original box.

As you can see below the litho surfaces are impeccable; dazzling "day-glo style" orange body, green bucket seats, black chassis, and that awesome pale green transparent roof. 

The car is all tin litho (except for the roof of course). Chrome plated parts include the wrap around front and rear bumpers, front grille, head and tail light frames, and wheel hub covers. The head and tail lights are lithoed yellow. The whitewalls are also lithoed. The steering wheel is metal and chrome plated. The windshield frame is polished tin and the tinted windshield is the original celluloid. And last, but not least, the tires are solid black rubber. 

The underside of the chassis is embossed only "Japan". There is no manufacturer's mark on it and would be virtually impossible to identify without the box.

The friction motor works great. I've left the top, which is supposed to be removable, in place. I didn't want to do anything that could possibly take away from it.

The box features a cartoon-like color illustration showing the Sports Car having it's top manually placed into position. A small insert in the upper right corner depicts a 2-stage schematic showing connection of the roof. The name of the toy and a portrait of the Thunderbird were printed on the cover aprons.

Size: 8".

Sold: Jul. 2012

Price Sold: $ 1525


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