1935 Soreng-Manegold, Mickey Mouse Lamp with Rare Original Shade

1935 Soreng-Manegold, Mickey Mouse Lamp with Rare Original Shade

Outstanding example of electric Mickey Mouse lamp by Soreng-Manegold complete with rare original shade. By far the highest condition of both the base (NM+ to Mint) and shade (NM) I've seen. Complete with original cord and plug. Best of all it works great! Purchased from a Wisconsin toy museum where it remained untouched and unused for many years.

The not-quite spherical pressed steel base was painted with beige enamel. A green version was also produced. The underside is embossed with the manufacturers name and "Chicago, U.S.A.". It features its original, three 1¾" tall full color Mickey Mouse decals that are 100%, 100% and 99% complete. In terms of condition the paint has only two pinpoint size chips and that's it!  The underside shows no wear at all.

On top it has its original copper lined nickel plated zinc light bulb socket with original knob. The electric cord has its original brown cloth covering and plastic plug. At the point where the cord enters the lamp it still has its original rubber ring.

The shade was beautifully illustrated with three separate Mickey Mouse scenes. One shows Mickey dressed in top hat, tails, and cane hailing a cab on a street corner. The second shows Mickey relaxing and reading a book while seated on a large comfy armchair with hassock and floor lamp. The third shows Mickey outdoors holding a lantern with a worried look on his face just as it starts to rain. .It's made of thin glossy cardboard and leather trimmed around the top and bottom edges. From a series of 6 different shades this is number "4". It also has its original wire rods fixed to the inside of the lamp which fit over the bulb. It's marked "W.D.E." and the number 4 (fourth in the series).

Size: Base 5" dia. by 4" tall, 6.5" tall to top of socket. Shade 5.25" tall. 

Sold: Sep. 2012

Price Sold: $ 711


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