1934 A.C. Williams, Cast Iron Motorcycle Cop (Red)

1934 A.C. Williams, Cast Iron Motorcycle Cop (Red)

The A.C. Williams Company, Ravenna, OH, produced very few motorcycle toys. The two sizes of this motorcycle cop are almost always found painted blue. That's why I thought it so unusual to find a red version of the toy with original factory paint. Although some general price guides indicate that blue was the only color produced they are incorrect. An orange color variation was documented by Leila Dunbar in her book Motorcycle Collectibles. Green and red were also cited in Scotty's Pictorial Motorcycle Guide where they were designated as "rare" variations. 

Structurally identical to the blue version, this variation features an all red motorcycle with integrated cop. Headlight, taillight, breast and hat badges were highlighted in silver. The face and hands were painted light pink. The tires are solid white rubber with red wooden hubs. It also has two "training wheel" tires which are also white rubber. All four tires are original to this toy.

Size: 7". 

Sold: Oct. 2005

Price Sold: $ 405


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