1945 Daisy, Buck Rogers U-235 Atomic Pistol (Black) in Original Box 

1945 Daisy, Buck Rogers U-235 Atomic Pistol (Black) in Original Box 

Absolutely incredible Buck Rogers No. U-235 Atomic Pistol by Daisy. All pressed steel construction with rare black-silvery finish. Fantastic toy comes with its magnificent original box complete with all six endflaps. It's the highest grading box I can recall seeing for this model.

Daisy produced two No. U-235 models, one black and one chrome, and both are difficult to find. The gold U-238 version is more recognizable because it's more frequently found. Regardless of the model in high grade working condition they're all scarce. 

This superbly crafted toy has a glossy black metallic finish throughout except for the two red celluloid windows. Squeezing the trigger produces a loud "POP" while simultaneously sending out a burst of sparks. Through the celluloid windows the sparks appear red. Just to make sure it worked consistently I squeezed it three times in succession and each time it worked beautifully.

The left side of the frame is neatly engraved with the Buck Rogers trademarked logo along with the name of the pistol, its manufacturer, several patent numbers, and the town where it was produced. These are easily read and show very little wear. The flint adjustment screw on the top of the frame is original to the toy. The flint was replaced, or course. It has all seven circular fins fitted onto the barrel and  none of the fin dents or dings that are so commonly seen on this toy. The grips are clean and smooth. 

The wonderful box has a different illustration on every panel and every flap. Nowhere have I seen one as complete. Robots, monsters, Buck and Wilma, and the original operating instructions are all there to read. The endflaps, which are almost always missing, are a pleasure to see. 

Size: 9½" long x 5¾" high. 

Sold: Oct. 2005

Price Sold: $ 586


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