1938 Marx Motor Market Truck With Products

1938 Marx Motor Market Truck With Products

All original, pressed steel Marx Motor Market truck. I purchased it from a collector who bought it right out of an old store in Ohio which was going out of business in 1964. Still has it's original hand written 50¢ hanging price tag tied to one side.

Comes with six original product packages from 1938; two each of Barbasol, S.O.S. Scouring Pads, and Black Crows Licorice Candy Drops.

This truck design features sleek art deco "tear drop" fenders, huge single piece rounded front grille with "Mickey Mouse" head lights, embossed radiator and "V" shaped bumper, embossed metal hood divider, large rear container bed with stamped oval stake sides and rear plus raised center divider, original Marx stamped "Motor Market" logos on both stakes sides and center divider (total of 4 stampings), and black wooden wheels.

Possibly the most exciting feature is it's originality. The truck, which was original painted with white enamel, has acquired an aged faint beige patina. Paint is all original without any touch-up or repainting. Secondly, all four stampings are 100% complete. That, in itself, is a rare find!

Size: 10¼"

Date Sold: Oct. 2009


Price Sold: $ 196


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