1936 Marx Used Car Lot In Original Box

1936 Marx Used Car Lot In Original Box

This is the Marx Used Car Lot. Yes, it's an incredibly rare toy, however even more important; it is unplayed, unsold store stock in its original box and grades excellent+ to near mint+ condition! I purchased from the estate of the original owner in Ohio. It's the only complete, boxed example I've ever seen and has its original $1.00 price tag still inside the box.

The set is basically a used car lot containing everything you'd expect to see on a used car lot. Lots of signs, prices, and slogans. A raised ramp in the center advertises "to-day's special". And of course, there are vehicles.

It contains five heavy gauge pressed steel cars with wooden wheels and polished tin grilles. As indicated by Maxine Pinsky, in Greenbergs Guide to Marx Toys Vol. II, and as advertised in the 1936 Sears-Roebuck catalog, this is the correct number of cars.

Keep in mind these vehicles aren't substitutes. They're the five original art deco, stream-lined, push-style cars that came packed with the toy over 70 years ago.

Note: The first two, the Chrysler Airflows, match the two tin litho "sandwich" type signs in the front right and left corners on the lot.

Chrysler Airflow Coupe (4") blue

Chrysler Airflow Sedan (4") blue

Panel Truck (4¾") blue

Dump Truck with movable dump bed (4#") red/red

Pick-Up Truck (4½")  red/green

The base of this toy is very heavy gauge pressed steel with baked on red enamel paint. Parking spaces were outlined in black. Hinged to the center front of the base is a 2½" wide enter sign which features a large "IN" arrow sign. Tin litho signs fences and signs enclose the lot. It's interesting to point out that the fences contain lithography on both sides. The only way to do this back then was to litho the metal and then fold it in half. I can't think of another toy where this was done. Prices for the vehicles were lithoed as well as their guarantee. Another sign tries to entice buyers with "Come In Today, Let Us Explain" " You Can Own A Car To-Day".

Most interesting of all is a small square red sign with "$310" lithoed on it. The top edge has a lip which allows it to hang from a vehicle's window. You can see it in the first photo on the Chrysler in the right front corner. Most likely the set originally came with more of these signs, which over time, gradually fell out of the bottom of the box, but just to have one is "special".

The box is a simple two piece corrugated cardboard with printed text hinged cover. This was the standard 1930s box used by Marx to package most of their vehicle and airport sets. Weighs nearly 3lbs.

Size: Base 17" x 11" x 3".

Date Sold: Sept. 2009

Price Sold: $ 3328


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