1965 Gilbert, James Bond's Aston-Martin in Original Box

1965 Gilbert, James Bond's Aston-Martin in Original Box

Classic battery operated 1964 James Bond Aston-Martin two door coupe "gadget" car. Still one of the most sought after spy toys especially in unused, high grade, complete condition. This auto is as close to mint condition as I've seen.

All eight functions work beautifully. Best of all it comes complete with its original box, all three styrofoam inserts, antenna, passenger torso/head in original bag, original instruction sheet, and its original "James Bond" cardboard hang tag with red lace tie. 

Solid tin litho construction, rubber tires, celluloid windshields, and chromed plastic accessories. Of course it includes all of the electrically controlled gadgets (automatic crash bumper which extends and retracts, electric front fender hidden red machine guns with lights and sound, electrically raised rear bullet proof shield, and automatic stop and start motor.

Manually operated gadgets include the spring released passenger with hinged roof panel, revolving rear license plates, steerable front wheels, and slashing tire hub. It still has both of its original fender mounted rear view mirrors and antenna. 

The box features a full color illustration of the Aston-Martin driven by Sean Connery as James Bond. He sits behind the wheel just as his ejected passenger springs through the roof. 

Size: 11½" long x 4" wide. 

Sold: Oct. 2005

Price Sold: $ 918


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