c.1933 Ichimura/Yamada/Tomiyama "Spartan" Monoplane

c.1933 Ichimura/Yamada/Tomiyama

Exceptional pre-war Japanese clockwork, tin litho high-wing "Spartan" monoplane in near mint- condition. Carries the logos of 3 different Japan toy companies; Ichimura, Yamada, and Tomiyama! Never seen that before on any toy.

Beautiful 2-piece airplane (monoplane) lithoed in silver, orange, gray, black, and navy blue. "Vee" shape wing design with "SPARTAN" lithoed in large capitalized letters. Each wing also has the concentric colored circle insignia of the "Royal Air Force Roundel" (UK). 

Structurally it was designed with a tapered fuselage, yet the engine expands outwards in sort of a bottle shape. Single engine propeller made of pressed aluminum. Features two large balloon-type wheels plus a rear balancing mini-wheel. All are tin litho. Runs great using clockwork motor with attached key. "Made in Japan" marked on the rear edge of the left wing.

The toy manufacturer logos are located at 1) Ichimura - Indian with flowing headdress, lower mid-fuselage on both sides of the plane, 2) Yamada - Lehmann-like logo on the left side of the upright tail wing and 3) Tomiyama - underside fuselage just in front of the rear wheel.

....and best of all it works great!

Size: 8" wide wingspan, 6" long fuselage. 

Price Sold: $ 1700


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