c.1952 Marx Miniature Crow Shoot In Original Box

c.1952 Marx Miniature Crow Shoot In Original Box

This is a "mobile" version of the popular Crow Shoot target game that I haven't seen before. Made by Marx, it's complete and has never been played with. Comes in awesome original box.

Crow Shoot and it's many variations is a simple enough toy; shoot at reusable swinging targets with different point scores using a cork pop gun. Hit the target, it falls down, get the point, and so on.

This miniature version includes a styrene plastic, two piece carrying case. Three-quarters of the case is clear plastic. It includes a permanently attached metal rod perch and applied Marx decal scoring targets. Five crows, one for each target are snapped onto the rod where they remain. The bottom section of the case is solid red. It has a built-in rack to hold the rifle, plus 12 raised circular containers to hold the corks.

And finally there's the styrene plastic shotgun. It has a red stock with an hound embossed. The black frame and barrel are embossed with scroll shapes on both sides. Presumably the gun is cocked, cork loaded at the barrel tip, and fired using the trigger. However there's no way to try it out since the corks and birds are still factory sealed.

The fabulous box was printed in red and blue on a white surface. The front and rear main panels show a cartoon-like illustration of the avid hunter with pooch, taking aim and popping his cork. The crows sitting on a nearby fence just look on. A farm can be seen in the background. The side panels show four crows perched on the arms of a scarecrow. The hunter and pup are shown silhouetted off to the left. The endflaps include a neat illustration of a single crow sitting on top of the Marx trademark!

Size: Rifle 6½". Case 7½" x 4" x 2".

Date Sold: Feb. 2010

Price Sold: $ 51


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