c.1940 Marx Army Flying Fortress Aeroplane in Original Box

c.1940 Marx Army Flying Fortress Aeroplane in Original Box

Awesome twin sparkling machine-gun 2095 "Army Flying Fortress Aeroplane" by Marx. All tin litho with wind-up clockwork motor and works great. Flints have been replaced so it even sparks! Comes complete with original box. 

Marx produced several variations of their pre-war 2-piece airplane in both military and civilian models. Two biplanes from the series were also manufactured. This example was Marx' 3rd military version. Beautifully designed with twin motors and mechanical wind-up action it featured brilliant orange and yellow styling contrasted with black details. The engines are equipped with red metal propellers along side two twin sparking machine guns. The sparking mechanism is activated simultaneously with its wheel rotation. 

The two disk wheels are balloon style with treaded side walls. A spring wound motor with step down gear mechanism and attached key keeps 'em rolling. 

Details include side cockpit windows, side turrets, Marx logo, pilot and copilot (top of fuselage), exit doors, early U.S. Army Air Corps insignias, and two bombardiers each with three side mounted bombs. "Flying Fortress 2095" and Army Air Corps insignias were lithoed onto each wing. Both the wings and fuselage were further detailed with rivet heads and black highlighting. 

The box marked only as "Marx Aeroplane" was used generically for this entire series of 2-piece airplanes. The reverse side shows a complicated set of assembly instructions for attaching the wing to the fuselage. Except for one locking tab the endflaps are complete. 

Size: 13½" long with 18" wingspread.

Sold: Sep. 2012

Price Sold: $ 535


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