c.1955 Toymaster, Space Survey Jeep in Original Box

c.1955 Toymaster, Space Survey Jeep in Original Box

Super scarce tin litho friction drive "Space Survey Jeep" manufactured by Toymaster(?) in Japan. Gorgeous near mint condition complete with original radar antenna. In addition it comes with its rare original box. I could find only one obscure 10 year old Internet reference to an incomplete example (missing antenna). I didn't find any reference for the box either in print, or on the Internet.

The toy has the underlying characteristics of an American WWII jeep, but it's completely lithoed in metallic blue and covered with space paraphernalia (includes a UFO, Saturn, Mars, the Moon, lightning bolts, stars, space ships, and atomic molecular symbols). The driver wears a spacesuit with helmet. 

Mounted to the rear platform is a 4" long two-stage telescope with original celluloid lens and plastic radar antenna. The scope mounts to a block-like support with rear operators seat, railing, and polished tin bulls-eye site. The site swings up or down so it'll fit inside the box. 

The antenna rotates 360º counter-clockwise whenever the vehicle is moving forward (backwards movement turns the antenna clockwise). Simultaneously the entire platform including the telescope, antenna, and operators seat swings back and forth, right and left, 180º.

The Toymaster trademark is lithoed between the embossed gas can and spare tire on the back of the jeep. The chassis is a single black plate. Tires are solid black rubber with polished tin hubs. 

The box was illustrated with an awesome full color scene of the Space Survey Jeep on the surface of (presumably) the moon. The drawing is very representative of the actual toy except a telescope operator is shown on the box. The Earth can be seen in the background. Simpler images of the jeep and the name of the toy are repeated on the aprons. It also has its original tissue separator inside the box. 

I'm not aware of any other toy manufactured with the Toymaster trademark. As of November, 2012 the box for this toy is the only one known.

Size: 7¼" long. 

Sold: Oct. 2012

Price Sold: $ 7601


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