c.1933 Wyandotte 15" Press Steel Dump Truck

c.1933 Wyandotte 15

Fabulous museum quality example of Wyandotte's largest early 1930's pressed steel dump truck. Discovered as old store stock it's complete without any repairs, and more importantly with all original paint. It easily grades near mint and is definitely the best of its type I've seen. 

The truck (cab, trailer, and dump bed) was completely painted brilliant orange. The cab is closed and it has a projecting visor over the front windshield. The radiator is flat stamped with imitation headlights pressed as part of the body. Seven vertical louvers are embossed on the hood sides. It was originally available with, or without electric lights.

It features a wire release "automatic" dump lever behind the cab. Pushing it forward causes the bed to quickly tilt upwards. 

The tires are solid white rubber with red wooden hubs. The sidewalls are marked "Wyandotte Toys" in raised lettering.   

Almost 80 years ago it retailed for 60¢.

Size: 15". 

Sold: Dec. 2012

Price Sold: $ 383


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