c.1947 GAMA 180/4 Clockwork Tractor w/Side-Dump Trailer in Original Box 

c.1947 GAMA 180/4 Clockwork Tractor w/Side-Dump Trailer in Original Box 

Superb, pressed steel, two piece set consisting of a crank wind clockwork tractor with composite driver and a pressed steel side-dumping trailer with crank wind tipper. Set comes complete with original box with beautiful full color cover print. 

High quality, high condition toy! Solidly made heavy duty steel tractor with high gloss red enamel surfaces with silver highlights and company logo.  The driver is made from exquisitely, hand painted composition material. "He" uses a start/stop clutch lever located on his right side. 

The metal steering wheel is painted yellow and works to turn the front axle right or left. Up front, a metal crank with wooden handle winds up the clockwork motor under the hood. On top of the hood are two chromed metal fixtures; an exhaust pipe and a sparking chamber with original celluloid window. The sides of the tractor have transparent plastic plates so you can see the sparking engine as well. I believe the flints can be replaced by unscrewing the hood chamber. The top is removable, but I couldn't see how the actual flint is removed. It does have its original flint in place which doesn't spark. 

The tractor also has it's original hitch with copper plated pin. The underside of the body is embossed "Made in Germany U.S. Zone". That's an unusual way to indicate the country or origin. Typically the phrase "U.S. Zone" comes before the word Germany, not after. 

Intricately designed trailer embossed with horizontal slats. Red exterior with yellow interior. Both of the long sides are hinged to the flooring and can be unclipped to allow them to open. The trailer has an incredibly detailed blue steel undercarriage with pivoting front hitch and axle. It also has a rear hitch to add a tandem trailer. Each wheel sits on spring mounted shock absorbers with accurately modeled, chrome plated suspension arms under the axles. This gives it a very realistic side-to-side movement. It'll actually bounce around more, right and left, depending on the amount of weight it holds inside the trailer. A metal crank with wooden handle (similar to the tractor) which protrudes from the back, attaches to a notched, curved lever. As you turn the crank the lever notches up to raise the trailer bed for dumping. I've never seen this kind of detail on any toy! You can tell that it was never played with because the lever presses directly against the underside of the trailer. One use and it'll scratch the painted surface.

Both vehicles have heavy treaded solid rubber tires. The tractors' wheels both have dome shaped chrome plated metal hubs. The trailer has similar rear wheel hubs with front wheel hubs are that are recessed. All are chrome plated steel.

The box has both a cover lid print and a wrap around side print. It's strongly made with 90 degree corner staples holding it together. It shows several tractors, single and in tandem, both running and dumping loads on a road construction site leading from the city. The side print has seven schematic illustrations. Each represents a separate instruction. The wrap around side have the name of the toy and a small illustration. Interestingly the box is marked "Made in Germany", while the tractor is marked U.S. Zone. I have an excellent reference which also shows this same box marked exactly the same way. It's definitely original and correct for this toy, however I can't account for the different markings.

Size: Tractor 7", Trailer 11½". 

Sold: Nov. 2005

Price Sold: $ 492


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