c.1958 Nomura, "Flashy-Ray" Gun in Original Box

c.1958 Nomura,

Fantastic, battery operated, embossed tin litho space rifle by Nomura. High grade excellent+ to near mint condition with all functions working beautifully! Complete with wonderful, color illustrated original box. 

The "Flashy-Ray" gun rifle is copiously detailed from one end to the other. This is what makes it such an attractive piece. This includes a simulated wood grain stock with chromed strip edging, front and rear contoured grips, a sniper scope with both original celluloid windows, multi-ribbed frame with embossed bullet strips, and a flanged barrel tip with exhaust holes. At the forefront of the barrel is a series of wavy metal strips covering a ribbed, white opaque plastic bulb which contains the flashing light.

Squeeze the trigger and a series of continuous RAT-TAT-TAT's are produced. The bulb flashes simultaneously whenever the sound is being made. Best of all.....It works great!

The awesome box cover features a full panel illustration of the ray gun rifle set against an explosive battle between suited earthmen and bubbled flying saucers. Everything is in full color. Also included is the original paper separator sheet.

Size: 18". 

Sold: Dec. 2005

Price Sold: $ 125


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