c.1955 Linemar, Davy Crockett Click Pistol in Original Box

c.1955 Linemar, Davy Crockett Click Pistol in Original Box

It's amazing that after so many years buying and selling toys I still find toys that I've never previously seen, or heard of before. This tin litho Davy Crockett Click Pistol isn't  listed in any of the 75+ reference books and catalogs I own including those specializing in Character and Western toys. Although I did find one reference to a Davy Crockett tin litho click pistol it was produced by Marx and had completely different lithography. Linemar was a Japanese subsidiary of Marx. Best of all the toy is in near mint to mint condition and is complete with its original box!

The tin litho gun is embossed with a flattened, circular barrel, a knobby and swirled frame, and a long narrow grip. It's virtually identical to other Marx tin litho clicker character pistols produced since the mid-1930's including Flash Gordon and Popeye. The frame was intricately lithoed to resemble ornate metal fixtures set into a wooden base. A head portrait of a "typified" Indian in headdress appears on both grips. The barrel is solid brown with "DAVY CROCKETT" centered on either side.

The Linemar logo and "Japan" were lithoed along the lower edge of the right grip. 

The multicolored illustrated box was cut as a triangular form. This prevented the gun from moving around during shipping, but more importantly it required less material to produce. It shows a panel wide portrait drawing of the gun. It accurately depicts the toy except for the more detailed ¾ perspective illustration of the Indian on the grip. Below and off to the side are a group of four Indians on horseback chasing a swiftly moving Davy Crockett. Davy's horse has all four legs off the ground simultaneously. Several teepee's loom in the background. Curiously, the archetypical Marx slogan was altered and paraphrased. From "One of the many Marx Toys. Have you all of them?" it was changed to "One of the many Linemar toys. Do you have all of them?" It appears on the fold down front panel.

Size: 9¾" x 4½" x 1¼".

Sold: Dec. 2005

Price Sold: $ 395


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