1951 Technofix No.258 Racing Motorcyclist in Original Box

1951 Technofix No.258 Racing Motorcyclist in Original Box

Outstanding clockwork driven "Racing Motorcyclist" manufactured by Technofix, Nuremberg, Germany (marked U.S. Zone). One of the best examples I've seen, it grades slightly better than near mint. It comes complete with its awesome full color original box. And it works great!

This is one of the few tin wind-up toys purposefully designed to run at nearly a 45º angle. This, combined with its right tilted front wheel and elongated right rear axle allows it to make tighter turns than most any other motorcycle toy. 

However, despite the precautionary design it can frequently tip over depending on the surface angle and texture it uses. This is why it's so unusual to find an example which is in such amazing condition. 

The No. 258 Technofix catalog number was lithographed onto the right side of the upright panel on the front fender. However, No.4 is the actual racing number which was also printed on the box illustration. 

It winds using an attached key. The front tire rotates freely. The rear tire was integrated into the metal body. Power is provided to the two rear training wheels which are both made of polished tin. This includes a 1" diameter tilted wheel underneath the cycle, and close to the key on the left side. The other is 5/8" diameter, and as previously mentioned extends out nearly #" away from the faux rear tire on the right.

The box is absolutely beautiful. The two main panels catch the No.4 Racing Cycle as it speeds through a tight turn. The grass infield and spectators are seen in the background (along with another racer). The two narrow panels illustrate what could happen if the racer tries to make too tight a turn. It falls, interestingly to the left which is nearly impossible unless the key tips it over. The endflaps carry the manufacturer's trademark and country of origin (U.S. Zone Germany). The 258 catalog number can still faintly be read on one endflap.

Size: 7". 

Sold: Dec. 2012

Price Sold: $ 645


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