c.1952 Marusan "Silver Pigeon Baby Scooter" in Original Box

c.1952 Marusan

This is Marusan's "Silver Pigeon Baby Scooter". It's tin litho driven by friction motor. The litho detail and embossing is incredible especially when considering the size is just over 5" long. Basically it's a male driver and woman passenger riding a three wheel motor scooter. Both figures are integrated into the two halves of the scooter itself. Only the driver's arms and back is a separate piece of metal. Both wear helmets with goggles and are extensively wardrobed. 

The red and silver cycle has die cut handlebars, a separate front fender, polished tin head lamp, rear mounted spare tire, single tin tire in front, and two brass finished rubber rimmed tires in back. The windshield is the original celluloid. The motor works shortly, but smoothly. 

The box features a detailed full color illustration over the entire front panel. Only the toy name, company trademark, and patent number were added; and these were conspicuously printed below the graphics. Box aprons were simply designed with the toy name printed in two colors using two different font styles.

Size: 5¼". 

Sold: Sep. 2014

Price Sold: $ 2800


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