c.1930 Disston, Unusual 12" Specialty Blade Crosscut Saw

c.1930 Disston, Unusual 12

A couple years ago I purchased a Buddy L Tool Chest which was nearly complete with all of its original tools. In addition to the Disston saw produced for Buddy L this unusual Disston Specialty Blade Crosscut Saw was inside the chest. I'm not a tool or saw expert by any means, but I did do some research on it. Much of the nomenclature I had long forgotten since grammar school wood shop. But here's what I was able to find:

    * Blade measured along the toothy edge is 12" long, 10pt.

    * Overall length including the handle is 16". I believe the handle is made of apple wood and it's ¾" thick.

    * Much of the original factory blade etching remains(see 2nd photo). However, it appears someone tried to "freshen" it up a bit with steel wool.  I still couldn't make out the catalog number.

    * Has its original 13/16" diameter brass medallion with screw type head. Style dates from 1917 to 1942. But considering that it was in the 1928 Buddy L set I've estimated it closer to 1930.

    * Has both original brass saw nuts with screw heads.

    * Despite looking for several hours I could find no photograph or illustration of this exact saw on the Internet.

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