1966 Marusan Batt. Op. Tarzan Robot in Original Box

1966 Marusan Batt. Op. Tarzan Robot in Original Box

This is Marusan's scarce battery operated remote control "Tarzan Robot" in superb excellent+ to near mint condition. It's complete, all original, and works great! It also includes the original color illustrated box.

This toy represents the [then] current Tarzan actor, Ron Ely. Mr. Ely was the 15th screen version of Tarzan portraying the "King of the Jungle" on NBC television from 1966 to 1968, as well as two movies from that series in 1970. He also replaced Bert Parks from 1979-81 as the host of the Miss America pageant. His actual illustration of Mr. Ely was used by Marusan on the box cover (see below for comparison with photo). 

The robot is all lithographed tinplate colored in various shades of orange, brown and pink. The head is painted hard plastic with a skin-like feel. He wears a textured brown vinyl loin cloth and carries his original tin litho sheathed knife on his right hip. He has his original metallic silver licensing sticker on his right foot. The robot's butt was lithoed with the Marusan trademark and "Made In Japan". The remote control is hard plastic with a single red button and is tethered using its original 34" long wire. Directions for correct battery insertion are embossed on the inside wall of the remote. 

During operation the robot walks forward while his arms move back and forth. It frequent intervals it emits a very loud screeching sound which represents the famous "Tarzan roar". The roar is especially loud! All functions work great. 

It was apparently intended for sale on the foreign market as evidenced by the Japanese text printed on the box. The cover has a nearly full panel illustration of Tarzan (Ron Ely) in an attack position with spread arms and legs and holding his knife. Side panels include a color photo of Mr. Ely's head and two small illustrations of Tarzan on elephant-back and fighting a lion. I don't know if it originally had inserts, but there are none inside the box. 

Size: 13". 

Sold: Jun. 2013

Price Sold: $ 1313


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