c.1962 Tada, Battery Operated "Space Ship X-8" in Original Box w/Insert

c.1962 Tada, Battery Operated

Fresh to the collecting market this example of Tada Seisakusho's battery operated "Space Ship X-8" has never been played with. It's complete, original and all actions work great! It comes complete with its original revolving metal antenna plus its original box. It was acquired from a large hoard of toys found somewhere in Maryland.

The toy is predominately tin litho. The clear dome and green motor housing are plastic. It features bump and go action, rotating antenna, raised motor housing with flashing light, and it produces a high pitched beeping sound while moving.

It has an unusual design which includes two large upright rear tail fins with tips positioned 2" above the ships main deck. The antenna between the fins is all metal and removable. The start/stop switch is located towards the lower left of the dish. Up front a helmeted, goggled space pilot sits behind a conical spring steering wheel. The cockpit is well detailed with a recessed "seat". Pilot and cockpit are covered with a transparent plastic dome.

Around the front and rear edges are two chrome plated bumpers. These are held in place with red button tabs. The underside is gray/silver. All four wheels are solid black rubber. The company trademark was lithoed in the center above the rear bumper.

The colorful box has a very good illustration of the actual toy doing its job in space. The front and rear panels include a list of the ships actions, while the sides show it flying low over a "lunar" landscape. It includes the original box bottom and its original cardboard insert.

Size: 8½" long. 5" wide at the rear and 8" tall with antenna inserted. 

Sold: Jul. 2013

Price Sold: $ 610


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