c.1952 Alps/Fukuda, Battery Operated "Playland Octopus" in Original Box

c.1952 Alps/Fukuda, Battery Operated

Scarce battery operated tin toy litho manufactured by both Alps and Fukuda, Tokyo, Japan. Called "Playland Octopus" after the infamous carnival ride it's complete and in beautiful working condition. It comes with its awesome original box with insert. Best of all it works great!

This is not one of those cheapo carnival toys which just spins around aimlessly. For a battery op. it's one of the most complex I've seen. Controlled by the tethered remote control it rotates from a center axle, but everything else about it is off-center.

The height, angle, and spin of each car changes as it turns. Like the actual carnival ride "Octopus" moves each car up, down, tilt right, tilt left, spins car right, or spins car left. This occurs while the large bell rings continuously and the red dome light flashes. It can move clockwise or counter-clockwise.

It's also a well designed, high quality colorful toy. Cars are yellow, white and red with black or yellow stars. Each holds a full figure rider with politically incorrect characteristics. Each has jet black hair tan/yellow face, striped red coat, white shirt and tie. They also have a beaming smile. They're very well made with right and left halves lining up precisely with the exception of one rider.

Early 1950's illustrations surround the center drum and the battery control cover. The large white bell hangs on one side of the drum. Steel rods hold each support arm in place and a chrome plated steel central hub holds everything together. The base of the center drum was lined on the bottom with thick black rubber to avoid shifting or tilting during use. The red dome light is original. Reproductions exist, but they're not faceted.

The box is fantastic. It features a little girl screaming and smiling with outstretched arm and spread fingers. Girder work and the center hub light are also shown. The side panels show detailed schematics instructions for changing the bulb underneath the red dome and battery placement. The insert was notched and factory stapled to the box bottom.

Both the toy and box are marked with the Alps and Fukuda trademarks.

I've never seen this toy before and I and could find out very little about it. looks like it was expensive and I doubt that many were produced. Which is probably why it's so difficult to find.

Size: 20" wide. Rises to 9".

Sold: Aug. 2013

Price Sold: $ 1626


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