c.1969 Jyesa (Spain), "Capsula Spacial" in Original Box

c.1969 Jyesa (Spain),

Very few space toys came out of Spain in the 1960's. One of them was the "Capsula Spacial" [Space Capsule]. Produced by Jyesa using a combination of metal and hard plastic this example appears to have never been played with. It's in pristine mint condition without a single flaw. And it works great. It comes complete with its original box and both inserts. Even the box grades near mint.

The toy features stop and go action with a tendency to move towards the left. It produces a loud continuous screeching noise, while the red plastic nose cone flashes. Don Hultzman's book on battery operated toys indicates that it also rotates. I don't think that's possible since it's permanently fixed to the capsule.

Every couple of seconds the two main hatch doors fly open, the cockpit and pilot raises from inside the capsule, and the color camera screen in front of the pilot starts flashing. Suddenly the pilot lowers and the doors snap shut. After several seconds the cycle repeats. All functions work great!

It's a very colorful toy. It's almost all made of hard plastic. No soft vinyl was used. Only the battery cover is metal. The detail on the exhaust is not lithography, but instead is a giant decal. In fact no lithography was used on the entire toy. The front wheels are rubber; the rear set is plastic. The two clear orange portholes are plastic as well. 

The extremely colorful box shows the capsule and pilot traveling above an extraterrestrial surface. Both cabin doors are open. Printed next to it reads "Ahora Viaja Con Nosotros a la Luna" or "Now He Travels With Us To The Moon". The front and rear panels show the capsule from the rear. A ship looking very similar to the Star Trek's Enterprise passes in the background. Both original inserts are included.

Size: 9" long. 

Sold: Aug. 2013

Price Sold: $ 469


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