c.1947 Lupor, No.620 Mechanical Taxi in Original Box

c.1947 Lupor, No.620 Mechanical Taxi in Original Box

Brilliant orange and yellow clockwork tin litho "Mechanical Taxi" by Lupor Metal Products complete with its original box. Based on its size and "mechanism guarantee" it appears to be a direct competitor of Courtland. Beautiful excellent+ to near mint in excellent box.

Early post-war sedan with raised fenders and hood, and sloping rear roof/window. Roof light with "Lupor" on both sides really looks great. Usually there's wear on the edges of this piece.

Detailed vehicle with speckled blue and white windows, left window driver, front left window steering wheel, and passenger side taxi meter. Also lithoed are the tail and head lights, grille, license plate, hood and door lines. 

The edges of the solid metal chassis plate are folded over the body for safety. However, this same taxi (Catalog No. 62) produced one year later had the edges folded twice. This improved safety even more (see photo below) and eliminated the four tabs holding the body to the chassis. The lithography and box illustration for 1948 were also vastly improved!

Tires are solid black rubber and the key is attached.

The blue and white illustrated box features a small photo-type print on two sides. The rest of the box is covered with text. Most of it has to do with safety as well as the mechanism guarantee.

Size: 6½". 

Sold: Sep. 2013

Price Sold: $ 505


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