c.1956 Masudaya Radar Tank & c.1974 Beijing Space Tank

c.1956 Masudaya Radar Tank & c.1974 Beijing Space Tank

For reasons that'll become obvious I've grouped these two battery operated Space Tanks together for auction. Both work great, they're complete, and have their original boxes. They grade excellent (C8). Common characteristics; they're both tanks, both battery operated, and both tin litho. I acquired both in box lot of toys. 

c.1956 Masudaya, Radar Tank

Stop N'Go action with supposedly "non-fall" protection, but I wouldn't count on it. Very nice lithography with standard metallic blue and lots of detail, but very little embossing. Uses a single C-cell battery. Switch it on and it moves in random direction. Plastic radar dish rotates and the red plastic bubble turret flashes with lots of accompanying noise. 

Box was illustrated showing Radar Tank moving along on some extraterrestrial surface. It's non-fall abilities are advertised on the front apron. 

Size: 8" long. 

c.1974 Beijing #1 Space Tank

Nice looking toy, but it's obviously a distant 2nd to Yoshiya's Space Tank which it tried to emulate. Does, however come with original antenna spring which is usually missing. All tin litho (kinda) with plastic bogey wheels, robot arms, and exhaust cover. Moves ahead with random stop-N-go action while the robot lever and arms move back and forth. simultaneously the robot's visor and exhaust cover flash red. Sometimes the exhaust flashes green. Has both original vinyl treads.

Box has a nearly full panel illustration in perspective showing the advancing tank. Extraterrestrial and additional Space Tank graphics on the side aprons. Also includes original die cut insert.

Size: 9½". 

Sold: Sept. 2013

Price Sold: $ 203


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