c.1958 Marusan, Battery Op. "Smoking Papa Bear" in Original Box

c.1958 Marusan, Battery Op.

Tin litho and cloth battery operated "Smoking Papa Bear" with original box and insert. Four actions and they all work great! Near mint condition. 

Classic battery toy is complete with all original parts; rubber nose, eyes, battery box, light bulb pipe, etc. Single button controller moves bear forward with alternating right and left leg movement. Occasionally it'll raise its right hand up to its mouth, "hold" the pipe up for a few seconds, the red light bulb inside the pipe bowl lights up, then lowers arm, and a puff of smoke blows out of the mouth. It continues walking during this entire process.

The toy is primarily fabric over a metal/hard cardboard skeleton. The hands, pipe, shoes, eyes, and controller are tinplate. 

The box features a cartoon illustration of the toy puffing away smoke rings while strolling through a garden. Three of the cover aprons have additional images of the bear, his bear face, and the Marusan trademark. The fourth apron has a list of directions which includes Direction #3. "Smoke is harmless".

Size: 8½"

Sold: Nov. 2013

Price Sold: $ 75


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