c.1957 Nomura, Battery Operated "Robot Tractor" in Original Box

c.1957 Nomura, Battery Operated

This has to be one of the best examples of Nomura-Showa's classic "Robot Tractor". All heavy gauge tinplate and battery operated it looks like it was never played with. Even the bench seat shows no signs of wear. Typically repeated removal and placement of the robot eventually will scratch the seat, but not in this case. It's perfect! I've graded it as near mint+. The toy also comes complete with its colorful original box which grades excellent.

Basically it's a large tractor with a visible engine and a full body robot behind the "wheel". It has a dark gray hood and wheel covers, with cherry red chassis and wheels. The bench seat is dark maroon red. And the robot of course is silver with many lithoed details. I especially like the clawed hands and the lithoed antenna spring running across the top its head. It also has lotsa chrome plated pieces like the exhaust stack, front grille, front bumper, control levers. It also has its original pin-type tow hook. Both rubber treads are original to the toy; they're not replacements.

The lever located near the robots' right hand moves the tractor forward or reverse. The lever on the other side doesn't do anything but look good. Once its switched on the metal pistols under the hood move up and down (inside four transparent plastic cylinders) and the engine interior below the pistons glows with a red light. The fan under the hood also revolves. And best of all it works great; pumping pistons, red illumination, engine fan, and two-way tread movement!

The box cover features a nearly full panel illustration of the Robot Tractor in action. Industrial type things including a large freighter are in the background. The Nomura trademark was printed in the lower left corner, while Showa's is on the lower right. The front and rear aprons show a side view of the toy with instructions for inserting the batteries.

Size: 10" long, 5" tall, 5" wide. 

Sold: Nov. 2013

Price Sold: $ 847


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