Two Robot Toys; c.1955 Sam Answer Man & 2002 My Little Blue Robot

Two Robot Toys; c.1955 Sam Answer Man & 2002 My Little Blue Robot

Jaymar, Robot Sam The Answer Man

Wonderful, yet simple, battery operated teaching game in complete, nearly unused condition. Features fabulous box graphics in full color showing a towering, smiling, riveted robot looking down onto the Earth. 

The toy includes seven double sided question and answer cards (six yellow and one blue) mounted in a precise position to the insert. It has both original metal pegs which keep the cards in place, original red light bulb, original wires and terminals and original battery holder underneath the insert. The bulb lights up when the correct answer (in the form of a small drawing) is matched to the textual question. It has all of its original cards, but best of all it works great!

Additional drawings of Sam were printed on the top margin on the inside of the box as well as on the top and bottom apron panels on the cover. Instructions were printed on the inside cover. The box bottom is covered with a blue glossy paper.

Size: 10" x 8" x 2".

My Little Blue Robot (1st ed.) by Stephen T. Johnson

More than a punch-out book, this new concept toy allows you to build your own talking moving robot. Consists of 14pgs. of "ultrathick" cardboard. Pry out the flat robot components. Build the head. No glue is necessary, as the pieces fit together with slots and tabs. The final page reads "My robot needs one more thing. He needs a heart. Just like me." You then open up the robot's chest, place the red cardboard heart inside, and it starts talking!

Includes screwdriver, key, and mechanical "heart".

1st edition published by Silver Whistle, Harcourt, Inc. 2002

Size: 8½" x 11" x 2¼".

Sold: Dec. 2013

Price Sold: $ 16


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