c.1955 Yonezawa/Tomiyama Satellite Launching Truck in Original Box

c.1955 Yonezawa/Tomiyama Satellite Launching Truck in Original Box

A couple months ago I sold a beautiful near mint example of Yonezawa/Tomiyama "Space Trip Station". Well, here's the companion piece to that toy. It's the "Satellite Launching Truck". Like the Trip Station the Launching Truck is in fantastic near mint condition, complete with all original parts, and it has its original box! This is the only complete example in original box I've seen.

The Launching Truck is a moving vehicle, unlike the Trip Station which was stationary. It's friction motor powered. No batteries are needed. The Yonezawa and Tomiyama trademarks were lithographed on the upright panel between the antenna and the satellite launcher. The toy has several key features:

A built in satellite launcher in the center. Satellites are wound manually. The blue and white buttons on the left side of the vehicle changes trajectory and releases the satellite. It has all four of it's original plastic satellites!

The tin litho driver wearing spacesuit, oxygen tanks, and helmet is located in front of the launcher. He's completely enclosed inside the original clear plastic dome. The cockpit is all tin litho.

A fixed, clear blue plastic radar antenna is mounted on a raised platform just behind the satellite launcher and is surrounded by many lithoed gauges. 

Directly in back of the antenna is the rotating radar scope. The scope is manually operated using the radar scope controller located on the left side of the truck. Its original clear celluloid face plate is intact.

The hinged chrome plated satellite holder is connected to the rear of the vehicle. 

Six solid black rubber tires with yellow lithoed metal hubs. 

Satellite winding, launching, and radar scope rotation are manual.

The box was beautifully designed with a detailed full color illustration of the toy in orbit around the Earth. The Yonezawa and Tomiyama  trademarks were printed on the opposite lower cover corners. The side panels point out the trucks' various features along side satellite launching instructions. 

Size: 16". 

Sold: Dec. 2013

Price Sold: $ 1385


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