1979-80 Old Toys Magazine Altes Spielzeug No 1-6

1979-80 Old Toys Magazine Altes Spielzeug No 1-6

"Pre-Internet" International antique toy magazine. Published in full color and black and white it includes many excellent articles primarily dealing with European made toys. As a result many articles about dolls, automobiles, trains and early German toys were included. These were printed on heavy glossy paper with textured matte finished covers in an unusual square shape.

Six consecutive issues from November, 1979 through September, 1980. The first four issues were published monthly. The last two are bimonthly. They are all in order; Volume 2, No. 1 through 6. All are complete. In addition to the articles and photo's, several early auctions (Ralston's, Christie's, Sotheby's), advertisements, and toy show announcements are included.

Numbers 1-4 each contains exactly 40 pages. Numbers 5 & 6 are 64 pages.

Contents are as follows:

No. 1 Simon Halbig; doll makers extraordinary part two, Spezial-Angebot Blechspielzeug, Citroen Ty Cars, Auction at Christies, Exciting Cars 3: Germany.

No. 2 Coloured bisque dolls, The fabrication of doll's heads around 1980, Antique Toy Auction, Auktion 33 Spielsachen.

No. 3 Balloons and Zeppelins, Auction at Sotheby/Mak van Waay, Exciting Cars 4: Germany: Schuco, Auction 33 at Peter Ineichen, Zurich, Blechspielzeug: Space Toys.

No. 4 Ballons and zeppelins (2), Ice cold tin, The Jumeau Story (1), Calendar, Auction Sotheby's Belgravia.

No 5 The Jumeau Story (2 & 3), Review's of Books, First World Conference for Collectors of Dolls and Automata in Paris, Calendar, Toy Boats, Schones Spielzeug, Plea for the emancipation of a plastic robot, French Toy Posters, Ice Cold Tin.

No 6 Exciting Cars (6): France, Celluloid Dolls (2), Autumn in Paris, The Jumeau Story (4), Calendar-Agenda, Auktionnews Sotheby's Belgravia.

Size: 7¾" square

Date Sold: Jun. 2009

Price Sold: $ 10


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