c.1950 Courtland Space Rocket Patrol In Original Box

c.1950 Courtland Space Rocket Patrol In Original Box

Take a good look at this spectacular example of Courtland's classic Space Rocket Patrol. In near mint+ to mint condition it easily grades as the best I've seen. It was purchased from the Alan Rosen collection of space toys recently sold at auction. It comes complete with its original box which grades excellent++ to near mint. It too is the best example I've seen. It even has its original Courtland Motor Guarantee certificate!

The toy is friction powered by Courtland's "guaranteed for life" motor. The idea was that if the motor ever broke it could easily be removed with one screw and returned to the company (along with 25¢). It's made from heavy gauge lithographed tinplate. The motor housing is pressed steel. Courtland reused the basic form of the "car"to produce many other friction toys.

It was beautifully lithographed in diagonally halved partitions of bright yellow and red. Exhausts were lithoed onto its raised embossed "fenders" giving them a three-dimensional appearance. Long white lightning bolts shadowed in black run down either side, while gun barrels, a wide front grille with intake holes, and rear exhaust holes add to its awesome "look". Topping it off is a its long, thick yet transparent red plastic cowling which runs the entire length of the vehicle. An internal mechanism causes sparks to fly out from underneath the red shield. The flint was replaced so it does spark. The bottom of the toy is a single black lithoed chassis stamped with the Courtland logo between the front wheels. The tires are solid rubber with metal centers.

The box was printed with the Space Rocket Patrol Car in a large panel illustration; all in red. Sparking, long running friction motor, and motor guarantee with printed along side. This same drawing was used on all four panels. The Courtland trademark logo was printed on one endflap, while the toy name and catalog number were included on the opposite flap. The motor guarantee includes details and instructions for removing the motor and sending it back to the company.

Size: 7"

Date Sold: Aug. 2009

Price Sold: $ 150


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