1956 Tonka, No.575-6 Logger (Logging) Truck in Original Box

1956 Tonka, No.575-6 Logger (Logging) Truck in Original Box

This example of Tonka's Logger (Logging) truck has to be one of the finest pressed steel toy trucks I've seen. Over half a century old, yet complete with all original paint (confirmed under black light) and all original parts. It's beautifully complimented by one of the nicest original truck boxes with insert that I've found in a long time. 

Tonka produced their Logger from 1955 through 1957. The decal type, headlamps, and style of the front upright roof supports on the cab identify it as manufactured during it's last year of production. This 14-wheeler is complete with all nine original "logs", both original plated steel chains with locking hooks, all eight plated steel wheel covers, and the two original door decals which are both 100% intact.

The tires are solid black rubber and the headlamps are yellow tinted plastic. Everything else is steel (except the logs of course). 

The box has a one-color illustration of the truck on every panel, along with the name, catalog number, and 1955 type decal. The name, catalog number, and company name were printed on the endflaps. One set of flaps is still factory stapled sealed. The insert is a simple cardboard rectangle which fits in the gap between the cab and end of the logs.

Size: 23½".

Sold: Aug. 2014

Price Sold: $ 1025


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