c.1950 Marx, "Siren Police Squad Motorcycle" in Original Box

c.1950 Marx,

The popular Marx clockwork wind-up "Siren Police Squad Motorcycle" features a classic cop on motorcycle with sidecar and siren. The box, when found, is usually blue, red, and white illustrated (see below). However, this example is a version I've never seen before. It has graphics that are identical to the blue box, but it was printed in yellow, red, and white. 

I could find no other previous reference of a complete box in which all of the blue areas were printed yellow. Pinsky's Guide to Marx Toys, Volume II also does not mention anything about a yellow box variation for this toy.

It was originally found as unsold store stock nearly 30 years ago in a hardware store in central New Jersey. During this time it's been owned by the same person who discovered it.

The cop is almost always lithographed with a red and white uniform. Occasionally, as in this example, the cop has a blue and white uniform, but it rarely shows up in high grades. Quite often a sparkling headlight was used in place of flat stamped metal (as this one is).

The toy consists of a integrated cop and motorcycle with an attached sidecar. It's loaded with lots of details such as a matching Pennsylvania keystone on both the cops uniform and the sidecar. It's wound using a separate key. In this case it's the original and correct Marx wind-up key.

The front wheel is turned and tilted slightly which forces the toy to make a large continuous circle. A small rubber training wheel on the left rear of the cycle keeps it upright. The right side of the gas tank has a stop/start lever. The left side of the cycle has an enclosed fan-like spinner. As the toy moves across the floor the spinner turns which simultaneously produces a high pitched "siren" sound.

Best of all everything works great!

The yellow box shows a happy cop driving his siren squad motorcycle. Unlike the blue version of the box there are no instructions printed on the inside endflaps. 

Size: 8½" long x 5½" wide x 6" tall.

Sold: Sep. 2014

Price Sold: $ 461


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