c.1963 Nomura-Shinkosa Datsun Cedric, Police Command Car in Original Box

c.1963 Nomura-Shinkosa Datsun Cedric, Police Command Car in Original Box

Neato! Two stalwart policemen, cap brims lowered so you can't see their eyes, patrolling for evil-doers in their 4-door convertible Datsun! The model, a "Cedric" was never imported into the USA. And although it was first produced in 1961 it's still manufactured today, but only as a commercial vehicle. It was also the first car to be called a "Nissan". It's also the first time I've seen this toy car.

This toy model is over a foot long and everything except for the cops' caps is tin litho. Even the large PD emblem on their caps is tin. The body color is actually 2-tone dark green and white. It has gold striping on the sides and front hood and a large gold Police emblem on both doors and the rear trunk. The front grille and bumper is a huge, single piece, wrap around chunk of plated chrome metal. The rear bumper is also wrap around chrome plated metal. 

The two cops are full figured complete with legs that extend down to the floorboards. Both are identical, but only the driver is articulated. The car moves with random stop and go action. Movement of the car is connected to the steering wheel, which is connected to the driver's arms that are articulated at the elbows and shoulders. So whenever it makes a turn, no matter how sharp it may be, suddenly the drivers arms will react in the same direction as the car. This makes it appear like he's actually steering the car when in reality it's the other way around. 

While all this movement is occurring the emergency light on the front hood flashes rapidly. And from under the hood a very loud real siren sound is produced. Not just a grinding of metal and calling it a siren which is so frequently found. Instead it sounds like a real police siren!

And all of the actions; movement of the car, the driver's arms and steering wheel, the emergency light, and the siren all work beautifully. In fact it works fast and quick making sharps turns while blaring out sound!

In addition it has it's original metal antenna, all four original solid black rubber whitewall tires with chrome plated metal hubs, and a large chrome plated windshield frame with stationary "smoking windows" and all of its original celluloid windshield. The steering wheel is also chrome plated metal. The underside chassis is black lithographed and a single plate. The on/off switch is on the rear underside and works great. Although when it's switched off it's on and when it's switched to on it's actually off. It's a large car with lots of action so it requires 3 D-cell batteries. 

It comes with its huge, illustrated original box without inserts (if there were any). The 3/4 perspective illustration takes up most of the front cover with similar images appearing on the front, rear, and both sides. 

Both the car (behind each seat) and the box (on the front and rear corners) are marked with the Nomura and Shinkosa trademarks. I don't know what the relationship was between the two companies. 

Size: 15¼" long, 5½" wide. 

Price Sold: $ 1450


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