c.1958 Yonezawa, Wind-Up Clockwork "Robby Robot"

c.1958 Yonezawa, Wind-Up Clockwork

Fairly scarce wind-up tin litho "Robby Robot" by Yonezawa. Built using the same arm, leg, and body system as Yonezawa's "Roby Robot" and "Conehead", but with different heads. In this case Robby has a diving-bell shaped head with a boy's face and a transparent red celluloid "sparking" strip just below it. It no longer sparks. 

The hands are pretty weird open-end wrench "things" that sort of swivel and are connected to red capped bases. It uses an attached key with a simple wind-up mechanism; moves forward with lumbering walking motion. The stop/start switch is located in the front chest plate. 

The toy works great! 


Both the clear transparent celluloid face plate and red celluloid sparking plate are original, complete, and intact without any cracks, bends, scratches, or scuffs.

Size: 8½".

Sold: Nov. 2014

Price Sold: $ 406


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