1930 Keystone, NX-271 Rapid Fire Tri-Motor Mail Plane

1930 Keystone, NX-271 Rapid Fire Tri-Motor Mail Plane

Made from heavy gauge pressed steel this high wing monoplane features three large cadmium plated rotating propellers. Using an ingenious spring connected pulley system, rotation of the landing wheels makes each propeller revolve. This in turn this causes the six red piston heads (18 total) surrounding each engine to alternately "pump" up and down. At the same time a clicking noise is emitted from the fuselage. Best of all.....Everything works great exactly as it was intended 84 years ago!

The tri-motor version of this plane doesn't show up too frequently. A single engine was also manufactured which, although found more often, is still difficult to locate in good condition. One main difference between the two; the top wing on the tri-motor version is not removable.

The fuselage was painted green and has two die cut windows with a working, latching red door on each side. The rear vertical stabilizer, rudders, and single main wing were all painted red. The engines, struts, and rear metal wheel were painted black. The main landing gear wheels are pressed metal disks with red painted hubs. Both have their complete original black rubber tire intact. The toothed gear (between the two wheels) and springs are bare metal. The center propeller still has its original pull-string connector.

Decals: Metallic silver "Rapid Fire Mail Plane" decals are on either side of the nose. Decals with the planes identification number are on either side of the upright vertical stabilizer. In addition it has a circular six-sided star decal on each wing that are similar to the Army Air Corps insignia. All decals are original.

Size: 25" long, 24" wingspan. Weight: Approx. 7 lbs.

Sold: Aug. 2014

Price Sold: $ 1826


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