1936 Marx, TWA 4-Motored U.S. Mail Biplane in Original Box

1936 Marx, TWA 4-Motored U.S. Mail Biplane in Original Box

Marx produced at least 3 versions of their large TWA 4-Motored U.S. Mail Biplane. This yellow, red, and green model is Version 1 and was supposedly produced in larger quantities than Versions 2 & 3. The toy grades Excellent  (C8) and is the best example I've seen which is all original and complete; and the only Version 1 I've found with its original box. 

Approximately 10 years ago I found the first and only high grade example of Version 2 with its original box; and over 15 years ago the only high grade example of Version 3 with its original box (comparison photos are shown lastly below). The boxes are identical between the three types.

The plane is all lithographed tinplate including the tires and motors. It's a beautiful color combination. The wing supports and struts are polished tinplate. The propellers are the original celluloid. It's marked U.S. Mail on the left wings, 990-5, and TWA on the upright tail wing facing the fuselage. It has two litho tread gray tires under the lower wing and a single painted pressed steel underneath the rear fuselage.

It's powered with a clockwork motor and has an attached key. The propellers revolve as it moves forward. Best of all it works great! 

The box has "Marx 4-Motored Biplane" printed on its front and back panels along with the manufacturer's name and address. The third panel shows four-step schematic directions for assembling the plane. The last panel is blank. The endflaps were printed with the Marx name and pre-1939 trademark.

Size: Wingspan 18¼". Fuselage 13¾". Box approx. 18" x 6" x 5"

Sold: Nov. 2014

Price Sold: $ 399


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