c.1933 Ingap (Italy), DKW F2 Streamlined Clockwork Sedan

c.1933 Ingap (Italy), DKW F2 Streamlined Clockwork Sedan

Fabulous European clockwork tin litho "DKW F2" art deco clockwork sedan. Manufactured by the short-lived Italian manufacturer Ingap (1922 - c.1938). Complete with original driver. Magnificently designed streamlined vehicle similar to the Chrysler and DeSoto Airflow's (Chrysler produced both cars), but it's a European model, not American.

I've never seen another example of it either in print, or on the Internet. It's also not listed in any of my specialty books on streamlined autos. I bought it from a small Paris auction house. There's a good chance that it was never imported into the U.S.

I believe it's an early production model of Italy's, DKW Model F2, one of the first rear engine vehicles and a precursor for Germany's Volkswagen. Another possibility was the Tatra (Czech Republic), but built in Italy. These cars were produced at a time when many European cars were works of art. 

The toy is one of only a handful of tin toy cars with 4-tone coloring. The chassis is maroon. Both doors are marked with the Ingap trademark plus there's the large beautiful logo across the the front radiator.

Its teardrop shape forms a single sweeping contour which features a curved front grille, a large rear oval window, and rear trunk-mounted spare tire. The tires are marked "Ingap" and "950 x 140". The wrap-around silver colored front bumper follows the contour of the hood and fenders. The rear tin litho license plate was marked "PD 1500" which may have been a catalog number. Plus a separately tabbed 3-dimensional driver (i.e., not flat). It also has a rear hitch on the underside.

Best of all it works great!

Also included is a separate nickel plated cast iron toy key produced approximately during the same time period.

Size: 9¾" (135mm). 

Sold: Sep. 2014

Price Sold: $ 961


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