c.1957 Yoshiya, Pioneer Space Whale Ship

c.1957 Yoshiya, Pioneer Space Whale Ship

A lot of uniquely weird toys came out of Japan in the 1950's and Yoshiya's Pioneer "Space Whale Ship" is definitely one of them. It's in excellent working condition. It has no box.

The toy is all tin litho and has an attached wind-up key. It runs on two off-center rubber wheels and a third tin wheel which makes it move up and down and side-to-side. This motion also causes the red "flippers" to move back and forth.

The antenna serves as the start/stop switch. Raise it and it slowly moves forward. As it running it opens its huge mouth and then quickly snaps it shut. The eyes have small pellets that roll around while it lumbers ahead. Lower the antenna and it stops.Best of all...it works great!

The toy looks like a fish with whiskers, fins, and a tail, but the details clearly infer that it's a space ship. It was lithoed with a dark star field in front and features port hole side windows showing astronaut and robot occupants. Sputnik was lithoed behind the port hole on top and the red and white striped tail is lithoed Pioneer on both side. The manufacturers trademark appears on the lower striped section on the right side. It also has its original red celluloid transparent plate behind the antenna (needs flint to spark).

Size: 9".

Sold: Dec. 2015

Price Sold: $ 480


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