1938 Marx, Heavy Gauge Truck Train Set in Original Box

1938 Marx, Heavy Gauge Truck Train Set in Original Box

Magnificent, and quite probably unique, "Heavy Gauge Truck Train Set" made by Louis Marx & Co.. All pressed steel construction. Spectacular Near Mint condition. Considered an important piece because of its design, rarity and condition. Has a combined length over 40 inches long. Comes complete with its original box, both original inserts, and 10 accessory pieces. In my opinion it may be the only set of its kind still in existence.

It consists of an 11¼" long "modern" stake hauler design which combined a streamlined trailer with a cab-over-engine. It features a large distinctive, single piece, polished tinplate headlight, radiator and bumper assembly. The wheels are black painted wood without hubs. The stake bed is silver painted pressed steel. This "new" design was intended for larger Marx vehicles, but lasted for only one year. A similar, but smaller single piece flat faced truck was also produced, but again, for only a short time; probably two to three years.

The set also includes three 10" long blue stake bed trailers with fixed tailgates. Two have blue hitches and one has a red hitch. The wheels are black painted wood with copper finished metal hubs. All four connect using a hook style hitch inserted through a hole in the rear of the stake bed.

Accessories include a pressed steel wheelbarrow, hand truck, and shovel. There are also several wooden pieces including two barrels, a bucket with metal bail, a hammer, ruler, dowel, and green painted Indian club. These last four items are not shown.

The box is an early two piece design with a hinged lid in a wrap around enclosure. The toy, manufacturer name and address were printed on the cover. The trademark dates it to pre-1939. It has both of its original cardboard inserts.

The truck and trailers are all unmarked.

Combined length: 41¼".

Price Sold: $ 3750


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