1966 Wham-O, Air Blaster in Original Box

1966 Wham-O, Air Blaster in Original Box

The Wham-O "Air Blaster" was one of the greatest toys conceived during the 1960's because you never needed to buy ammunition! It shoots air by pulling the pump handle up. This stretches an internal rubber diaphram which draws in air. Pulling the trigger releases the diaphram which rapidly forces the air through the small muzzle.And air, at least then, was free.

It was a fantastic toy! That is until the rubber thing broke, or the plastic cracked.... and it was soon off to the trash heap.

Even sooner to the trash heap would've been its original box. It has two rotating targets in the upper section plus a punch-out bulls-eye on the back that could be rigged up as a third target. These quickly became boring when you figured out that it was more fun to shoot your kid brother! Today the box is tough to find.

Now here is that exact Air Blaster toy from Wham-O which, after almost 50 years still amazingly works....and works well, and comes complete with its original box! Pull back the pump handle, squeeze the trigger and all of a sudden you hear a deep "plop". That's a sound that I hadn't heard for a long time. It worked well enough to spin the targets from several feet away.

Overall it looks like this Blaster although used, only saw infrequent action. Just a couple of tiny scattered scuffs and nicks on the blue area near the muzzle and that's it. The bottom corners of the handle have yellowed slightly, as well along the seam where it was originally factory glued. No cracks, chips, scratches, or anything else. Except for what I already mentioned the white plastic is still bright white. Even the cross-hatching on the grips and air vents are perfect.

The box is in VG+ to excellent condition. Unfortunately it's missing the rear punch-out bulls-eye target. But the other two monster targets are complete, intact and spin easily. The box does have some very light wear around the edges, a sticker tear on the angled top surface and a small stain on the top panel above the left monster target. The die cut window has a single interior crease between the cut-outs for the handle and circular funnel. It's also lightly bulged on the right side where the muzzle fits into the cardboard. The majority of the box is square and solid.

It originally sold for $4.79.

Size: Blaster 11" long. 

Sold: Feb. 2017

Price Sold: $ 150


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