1953 George Wagner, NBC TV Camera Studebaker Car in Orig Box

1953 George Wagner, NBC TV Camera Studebaker Car in Orig Box

Super rare George Wagner, NBC TV Camera Studebaker Car in its original box. Doesn't get much better than that!

 During the "hey day" of Japanese tin toy car production several different types of vehicles were manufactured with a television camera and/or cameraman connected to the roof. Certainly one of the earliest and most difficult to find of these is this "NBC T.V. Camera Car". Accurately based on a two-door 1953 Studebaker Commander it's a friction powered tinplate toy. As it moves the camera and cameraman swing right and left.

As infrequently seen as this car is, it's original box is almost non-existent. This example with its super rare original box is the first I've seen.

The toy features a removable red tin litho NBC flag attached to the front left fender. The cameraman and camera are also removable. As you can imagine when, if ever, this toy is found, it's frequently these parts.

The car has a solid red with black chassis. It has a fully detailed and embossed interior. "NBC Television Car" was lithoed onto the rear trunk. "NBC" was lithoed on both doors. The windshield frames, bumpers, roof railing, and wheel covers are polished tinplate, not chrome. The tires are solid black rubber.

Except for "Made in Japan' lithoed on the rear window well it is unmarked. In fact, even after extensively research I still couldn't determine the actual manufacturer. George Wagner was the importer and distributor. The company that actually produced the toy is unknown.

Except for a difference in the front bumper the car was accurately illustrated on the box cover. (Actually the cover drawing more closely depicts a 1956 Studebaker. Was the toy produced in '53 and the box in '56??). The toy name was printed on all of the cover panels including the sides. It too was only marked "Made in Japan". Bruce Sterling's book on tinplate toy cars has a photograph of the box stamped with the George Wagner trademark in the lower left corner. A capital letter "I" inside a horizontal diamond was stamped on the lower right corner. However, the box in this instance is not stamped in either corner. It still has its original 39¢ price sticker on one side.

Size 7½" long and 4½" tall. 

Sold: Sep. 2015

Price Sold: $ 899


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