1963 Yonezawa, Modern Robot in Original Box w/Inserts

1963 Yonezawa, Modern Robot in Original Box w/Inserts

One of the most difficult to find of the Cragstan-Yonezawa skirted battery operated robots is this "Modern Robot". Even harder to find is its rare original box... especially with all three original inserts. Adding to its scarcity is the super high grade; near mint- to NM toy with near mint- to NM box! Even tougher would be trying to upgrade this example. More likely this would be the one "to upgrade to". 

The toy is nearly identical to "Cragstan Robot" with the only difference being the name on the chest plate. "Modern" has a metallic dark silver body, red arms, lightning bolt yellow-red-black chest plate, and bulbous clear plastic head with plastic face details on a polished metal base. It moves with stop-and-go movement with swinging arms while emitting sound. Inside the cranium the springs and dome lights revolve with flashing. The Yonezawa trademark was stamped into the underside of the base.

The box (color and graphics) is also similar to Cragston Robot, but with the Yonezawa trademark and, of course, the word Modern in place of Cragston. But that's where the similarity ends. Cragstan is findable, Modern is not. And having the three original inserts is "topping on the cake".

Size: 11". 

Sold: Dec. 2015

Price Sold: $ 3000


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