1968 Horikawa, Fighting Space Man Robot in Original Box

1968 Horikawa, Fighting Space Man Robot in Original Box

Here's Horikawa's version "2.0" of their Fighting Space Man Robot complete with its original box. It features an astronaut face which replaced an earlier block-head style robot. The astronaut is more difficult to find. It's also a version with scarce "truncated cone" ears. Typically these are cylinder shaped.

It conservatively grades excellent+ to near mint and is one of the best examples I've seen. Even more importantly it works great! The box is complete and without any repairs. It grades VG to VG+.

It's primarily made of tin litho. This includes the body, head, limbs, battery box door and battery holder. The helmet has a yellow plastic dome on top which is flat and looks like a controller button. Two chrome plated elliptical metal antenatal protrude from his neck that can be raised or lowered.

The lithography is colored metallic graphite color except for the "electrical" chest details which are red, yellow, and blue. Covering these chest details is a large clear plastic cover. And protruding through the upper center of the cover is  a clear plastic cannon.It's marked "Made in Japan" the battery door without a manufacturer's trademark.

Stick the batteries in, switch him on and he starts walking forward with swinging arms. Then he stops and the yellow  domes flashes. Suddenly the clear plastic chest cannon starts firing with a loud RAT-TAT-TAT noise, with flashing light, while sweeping from side to side like a machine gun. After a few seconds it reverts back to quietly walking forward until the cycle repeats.

The box features an accurate # panel vertical illustration of Fighting Space Man Robot in action on some extraterrestrial surface. The actions are noted just above the drawing. This is repeated on all four side panels. The same illustration is used, but only the top half. The front cover also has two 1" x 1½" price stickers on the upper right corner. One is stamped $3.99" while the other has "Special Today $2.99".

Size: 11".

Sold: Jun. 2015

Price Sold: $ 800


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