1941 Wyandotte, No.1006 Army Engineer Corps Truck in Original Box

1941 Wyandotte, No.1006 Army Engineer Corps Truck in Original Box

I've been buying, selling, and collecting antique toys for over 40 years. Yet it never ceases to amaze me, when out of nowhere, I'll find something that I thought didn't exist. That's the case with this magnificent Wyandotte truck. It was found in a drug store that was going out of business about 20 years ago. The pharmacy had been around for a long time. Apparently any unsold merchandise was stored in their cool, dry basement.

That's where this No. 1006 Army Engineer Corps Truck was found. It had been one of only five models produced for Wyandotte's new "Heavy Duty" truck series. Product launch was scheduled for Christmas, 1941. Not surprisingly World War II brought this to an immediate stop with Wyandotte shifting their resources to the production of M-1 Rifle clips. A total of 86 products appeared in the their 1941 catalog; but few of them, including their Heavy Duty trucks ever saw the light of day. Although some were sold as post-war stock after the war ended.

The "heavy duty" series is easily recognized as a combination of late 1930's cab streamlining, a rounded forward-angled slant or shark-like "nose", winged rear fenders, solid black rubber tires with wooden hubs, and an enormous rear bed. No other truck looks like it. Wide gauge pressed steel was used bulking up its weight to nearly six pounds. The radiator is lithographed steel. ....The quality was, and still is, impeccable.

The Heavy Duty series included:

   1. Express Truck

   2. Motor Bus

   3. Army Corps Engineer Truck

   4. Wrecker Truck

   5. Dump Truck

The advent of the Internet confirmed what collectors already knew; any truck from this this series is "scarcer than hen's teeth". However, when an example does show up it's either very well used or completely restored.

One other point; to my knowledge no complete, original box, or instructions have been found for any truck in the series. Until now! This incredible truck has both its original box and original instruction sheet.

Size: 21"

Sold: Seo. 2015

Price Sold: $ 600


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