1933 Marx, Siren Police Patrol Car, Super Deluxe Model in Original Box

1933 Marx, Siren Police Patrol Car, Super Deluxe Model in Original Box

This is the "Siren Police Patrol" car Super Deluxe version manufactured by Louis Marx. It's powered by a strong wind-up clockwork motor. Although it has been played with it's still one of the best examples I've seen grading excellent to excellent+. However, it's the first one I've seen with any of its original box including fragments.

Like many early Marx 15" cars (similar to Hoge and Girard) the cab is sort of squarish with a long front hood, and an "S-curved: rear trunk. The front radiator grille resembles an arrow quiver and is polished tinplate. The headlights are separate from the grille and are almost bell-shaped. Both front and rear bumpers are wrap around style and solid steel. Unlike later versions with similar body style (i.e., Fire Chief, Ambulance, etc.,) this Police version has no rear license plate or rear red stop light.

The car is made of heavy gauge pressed steel and weighs nearly 3 pounds! The entire automobile except for the black running boards was painted deep emerald green. This was contrasted with bright yellow painted graphics on nearly every surface. This includes:

1) both doors which show a siren emitting lightning bolt sound waves with "Siren Police Patrol". Above this are two parallel stripes near the lower window sills,

2) side panels painted with "1st PCT." and "P.D.",

3) either side of the front hood with POLICE 1" painted on it and

4) the rear trunk which included detailed patent information, company name, "Made In America", "POLICE", and "1st PTC'T".

The underside of the chassis is solid steel plate painted pale yellow.

The heavy duty clockwork motor is encased in a steel housing and is located between the two rear wheels. The single battery cell holder is located on the underside just behind the front wheels. The tires are solid black rubber with polished metal hubs and centers. The front axle can be positioned right, left, or straight ahead.

The key is located in front of the rear right tire can be unscrewed and easily lost. This one, however is original to this car. A switch located above the right running board operates the headlights. A lever near the left rear tire serves as a simple start and stop mechanism.

Four versions of this car were originally produced.

1 and 2) With battery powered motor with battery operated headlights and without headlights.
3 and 4) Wind-up motor version with battery operated headlights and without headlights.

Versions with electric headlights were designated as the "Super Deluxe Model" like this one.

It's important to point out that the head lamps are the original oversize flat head light bulbs. They're not reproductions and they're not the smaller style which are common. They're very difficult to find working or non-working.

The box like so many early Marx toys contained only printed text without illustrations. The model name, company name, address, trademark and patent information were printed on every panel (except the blank underside) including the endflaps.

Size 15". Box: 15¼" x 53/8" x 5".

Price Sold: $ 1800


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