1952 Marx Deluxe Delivery Truck In Original Box

1952 Marx Deluxe Delivery Truck In Original Box

Awesome cab design using bold, contrasting colors of brilliant yellow and red with deep black highlights. Fantastic front grille designed in red, black, and yellow with embossed headlights. The red grille really makes it stand out from the front hood. Trailer is all red. Stake bed has the word "Deluxe" written in script within yellow and red circle. "Deluxe Delivery" lithoed in juxtaposition capitalized lettering as well. Back of the truck shows tail lights and Marx logo. As a final touch the interior of the stake bed was completely lithoed red!

Fabulous metal disc balloon wheels lithoed with black rims and yellow "V" shaped treads. Notice that even the slightest amount of wear will show up (and there's none to be seen). Sidewalls lithoed in yellow with black highlights including "Marx" and tire size. Wheel hubs lithoed in a star shaped spoke pattern in red, yellow, and black.

The box has a two color illustration of the truck on every panel. Two were drawn from a ¾ perspective view, the other two are side portraits. It's shown filled with boxed products.

Size: 11" long, 4½" wide

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 225


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