c.1950 Gotham Steel All Star Basketball In Original Box

c.1950 Gotham Steel All Star Basketball In Original Box

Unused, unassembled, and near mint+ in the original box! That's the story about this Gotham, All-Star Basketball Game. It was old store stock and only recently opened. It's complete with all it's parts, large and small, in the original box.

This is the last of several Gotham made toys that I purchased from the grandson of the original store owner. It consists of a game court, backboard with bell, score disks with fasteners, 8 blue marble basketballs, a couple of wooden pegs, and instructions. The pegs are used to strengthen the connection of the backboard to the court, but they've never been used.

The game uses a blue steel litho perimeter which has a pressed board "court" with laminated colored paper surface. Red lithoed steel catapults represent the players. It's a simple enough game; loading marbles onto your respective catapult, aiming, and firing, Baskets are counted when the attached bell is struck by a falling marble. Rotating disks attached to the back of the backboard keep score.

Included with the game are all four metal score disk fasteners, the original accessory paper bag, plus the original instructions.

The toy comes in its original box which features a simple illustration of the actual toy. The manufacturer's name and address are printed along side. A quick glance at the list of contents printed on the box shows that the toy is complete with every single part.....and all are unused.

Size: 22" x 12" x 2"

Date Sold: Nov. 2009

Price Sold: $ 68


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