1957 Nomura Merry-Go-Round Truck In Original Box

1957 Nomura Merry-Go-Round Truck In Original Box

Outstanding battery operated tin litho "Merry-Go-Round Truck" manufactured by Nomura, Japan with all functions working beautifully. Comes complete with original illustrated box.

Difficult to find toy, especially in working condition, it features forward and reverse movement with simultaneous rotation of its rear Merry-Go-Round. A bell located underneath the Merry-Go-Round rings every time it makes a complete rotation.

Also one of its features is its kaleidoscopic coloring and design. Yellow, red, blue, white, silver, orange, pink, and even black were used. Dots, swirls, musical notes, animal portraits, and of three die cut children on horses all lend to making it a fantastic looking, as well as a fantastic working, toy. The underside chassis is turquoise blue. Even the wire color used to connect the remote controller was chosen as brilliant red and white.

In terms of text, the word "Merry" was lithoed onto the cab roof and "M-1957" onto the rear license plate (1957 being the year it was produced).

It also has polished tin wheel center, split windshield frame, hood ornament, front bumper, and door steps. The tires are solid black rubber.

The remote control is tethered to the truck with 4ft. of wire. The controller itself is metallic blue and it has its original battery insertion card on the inside. The buttons are bright red.

The box has a great color illustration of the truck with Merry-Go-Round section in operation. Happy children waving, carrying balloons, and generally having a "swell" time can be seen.

Size: 8½"

Date Sold: Jan. 2011

Price Sold: $ 355


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